Your personal cheerleader on the other side of the camera!

St. Louis-based senior and couple photographer giving you the best confidence you want!

Ready for the confidence boost you have been dreaming about? Hi. my name is Beatrix, but everyone calls me Bea. I’m a homegirl with a passion for capturing all of your natural beauty and personality! Ready to show the world the real you? I like to create connections with my clients. You don't have to know what you're doing. I want to help build your confidence so it can shine in your photos. So, let’s make memories . . .

Get to know The Vibe

it's ya girl, bea


I'll Be There For You

Super Fast Turnaround

There is nothing worse than saving up your money for something and then it fall apart because someone sleazily sold it to you just to get cash in the bank. Nope, not here! There should be no hesitation in your final decision. I want to be fully transparent with you so that you know exactly what you're getting and were your money is going. 

Okkk now, did you catch that Friends reference? If not, it's ok but I hope if you did the theme song is going on through your head right now. But in all seriousness, you are the priority. We will be so close that I will 110% tell you if you have lipstick on your teeth or if a tag is sticking out of your shirt! And I will totally fix your hair, ever detail matters!

No one likes waiting. Let's be honest here, waiting in lines isn't fun. Waiting for that text back, isn't fun. Waiting for the photos you are about to lose your pants excited, isn't fun. But you know what is, sneak peeks back within 24 hours and a two week turnaround. Now that sounds like a party and that's what you'll get with me.

Confidence from Start to Session

The 3-Step Process to Your Epic Photos 

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the plan

the shoot

the delivery

Once you book me, I'm all yours! I'm here to help you from planning outfits to nailing down the location. We schedule a consultation via video chat to plan out your location, outfit(s), and mood board for the session. You'll leave feeling extremely confident, even if you had no idea what you wanted when the call started.

It's finally time!!! There is no need to feel anxious or worried because we've already planned everything out! I'll be your personal cheerleader on the other side of the camera hyping you up the entire time!

Ahh! After your session, I will send some sneak peeks within 24 hours, and your gallery within two weeks; although I do offer rush options if you need it in a hurry. I want to make sure your photos are perfect and are carefully edited to ensure you the best results!

“I can’t get over how good these compliment us…”

a sweet review from Lex S.

OMG I'M CRYING. You are the BEST! I've never seen photos this good. I'm not kidding. I can’t get over how good these compliment us, our style, and our relationship.

“One heck of a photographer…”

a sweet review from Kelly W.

Oh my goodness, the girl’s pictures are absolutely beautiful! You are one heck of a photographer! Be so proud of what you do, truly a gift! You have quite a future ahead of you!

“Almost brought me to tears…”

a sweet review from Joe G.

It’s AMAZING!!! I truly love it!!!! I have to admit it almost brought me to tears because it captured what I envisioned bringing to St. Louis in such a perfect way!!! You did amazing work and I’m so grateful!

“Everything you would possibly need. . .”

a sweet review from Megan n.

Bea is such an amazing person and photographer. She offers everything you would possibly need or offers ways to help calm any nerves you might be having. I got so many amazing pictures from only one hour of shooting and I am beyond excited!

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