Did you know you don't have to “know what you're doing” in order to look natural, relaxed, and GORGEOUS in a photo? It’s my job to create an experience (and a collection of photos) that allows you to experience this ease and confidence and let it shine through. If you’ve been dreaming of one day feeling confident, of one day feeling comfortable with showing the world “the real you,” I get it. You’re the reason I do this work!

let's make memories!

Senior year only happens once so...

I was in your shoes... I used to hate having my photo taken and lacked confidence. I’m here to help you find your confidence and take senior photos that you LOVE.

CEO of celebrating seniors

xx, Bea

I'm on a mission to show you how amazing you are.


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This isn't a cookie cutter way to do senior portraits. This is for you to remember and commemorate all of your accomplishments throughout this special chapter in life, on the edge of starting a new one.

It's an experience.

it's more than senior photos...

Beatrix! I am looking through the gallery right now and I want to tell you that I have fallen in love again with my pictures! I truly did not feel too good about how I looked but when I look at the pictures I get a major confidence boost and I feel amazing about myself. I want to thank you so much for the work you put into my pictures!

"Major Confidence Boost"

The Babe Lounge

The Babe Lounge is where you can turn in to enjoy tips, tricks, and more things we all wish we knew in high school coming from senior photographer, Bea!

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