8 Things to Remember for Your Senior Session

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It’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement for your high school senior portrait session! I get it! I’m here to help you all along the way and give you the little reminders you might need.

1. Pack your car the night before
There is nothing worse than leaving something behind. We’ve all left our phone charger in a hotel room some time or another, don’t let it happen for your high school senior portrait session. By packing the car the night before you can wake up with a peace of mind you didn’t forget to grab anything at the last second. If you’re worried about your clothes being crinkled overnight, no need to worry, I steam your clothes before your session!

2. Bring walking shoes
I can promise you will get your steps in while we explore the locations for your portrait session! It’s best to grab some easy slip on shoes, especially if you’re wearing heels or wedges. Your feet will thank you later.

3. Bring water
The last thing you need is to be dehydrated. Having water on hand is great to have! If you don’t have water with you, I always have water you can have!

4. Get your nails done
The worst thing is looking back at your photos and hyper focusing on the chipped nails. I always say, have them done or don’t have anything at all. It’s time to pamper yourself and I highly suggest treating yourself to a manicure (and pedicure, especially if you have open-toed shoes) before your session! If you completely forget about your nails and still have some chipped nail polish on, I have nail polish remover so it won’t show in your high school senior portrait session!

5. Bring props
The more “you” that is represented in your high school senior portrait session, the better! Senior photos are a great to represent who you were in high school. A lot of my seniors incorporate their class ring, sports, and other momentos in your photos! The more props you have on hand, the more variety you’ll end up having when it comes time for your reveal + design session!

6. Eat before your shoot
I promise you won’t be bloated if you eat a little something before your session! The last thing you want is to faint during your session because you haven’t eaten all day. If you don’t want to be bloated, avoid eating these foods before your session: beans, lentils, carbonated drinks, wheat, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, onions, barley, and rye.

7. Try on your outfits beforehand
If you haven’t tried on your outfits for over a month prior to your high school senior portrait session, try them on at least a week before. Sometimes we remember something looking different on us that it actually does or maybe it’s not your vibe anymore. All my seniors have my number so if this does happen they can text me and we can get to a solution.

8. Bring the backup
It’s always best to have an extra “X” on hand. Whether it be outfit, necklace, prop, etc. You never know when you have a “wish you had it on you but didn’t” moment. If there is ever an outfit malfunction or you’re purely indecisive and want my opinion the day of the session, it’s the best to have it with you and not need it than wish you had it but didn’t for your high school senior portrait session.

These are just a few things I help with when it comes to your senior photos but don’t worry, you’ll have me to help you plan to make your high school senior portrait session the photos you’ve always dreamt of!



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