My parents were in the midst of a divorce, I was bullied, and I couldn’t wait to graduate. I had a small group of friends, but I was far from confident. To make matters worse, social media had me constantly comparing myself to the *Becky* next to me. 

It took me until my freshman year of college to really embrace who I was and not care about what others thought of me. Now I know how to love who I am and empower other women in the same way!
I want to give you the experience I didn’t have. I want to show you how freaking amazing and beautiful you are just being yourself.

My senior year was not the “High School Musical” moment I had dreamt about.

hi, i'm Bea

I don’t believe in the “Barbie” editing or super orangey looks -- I love keepin’ it real! Your photos will be super natural and enhance you and your personality.

To be completely honest, I'm not like all the rest.

The bridge between high school and college was really my breakthrough. Once I left all the drama of high school I realized that the only person that really cared about me and every move I made, was me. I don’t want you to wait until college to gain the confidence you are wanting!

I have tons of tips and tricks so that I can show you how to love your photos of yourself--and not only love them, but actually want to show them to the world. I love showing you how to embrace your beauty and confidence in ways you didn’t realize were possible--because I didn’t either. 

How I went from feeling awkward to being confident.

i used to always compare myself to others i saw on insta