Believe it or not...

i used to hate having my photo taken. ever since i was little, i loved photography.  but i lacked confidence in myself. 

now i am confident in front of and behind the camera. i'm here to show you the way.

I was bullied in high school under false pretenses. I was super self conscious and felt like I was always being judged. I want my sessions to be safe places and I want you to feel as confident in yourself as I see you. At the end of the day, what other people think of you goes away, but what you think of yourself will stay.



How I went from feeling awkward to being confident.

it's all about your mindset.

The bridge between high school and college was really my breakthrough. Once I left all the drama of high school I realized that the only person that really cared about me and every move I made, was me. There isn't gossip in college and no one cares if you decided to wear high heels or Vans to school last Thursday (yes, I wore heels my entire sophomore year of high school). You don't have to wait until college to gain the confidence you are wanting.

I have tons of tips and tricks so that I can show you how to love your photos of yourself but actually want to love them and show them to the world.  I love showing you how to embrace your beauty and confidence in ways you didn't even know how.


your mindset is everything

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Real + Natural Editing

I love keepin’ it real. I don’t believe in the “barbie” editing or “super orangy” looks. I like to keep my edits super natural and enhancing you and your personality.

keepin it real

I'm a Virgo.

A virgo is described as a perfectionist, someone who is well organized, and someone eager to learn and grow.

This could be a lot of astrology sign hoopla for you but I think like enneagrams, when we were born reflects a lot on our personality. I think that our signs don''t necessarily determine or make us who we are but we have relative habits and behaviors based on them.

i am wayyy too organized and punctual not to be a virgo.

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