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A photo backup process? Is that even needed?

The truth is your senior year only happens once. Your whole school journey seems to be never-ending until the last year of high school comes around. What better time than during your senior year to start bringing to life the beautiful memories you have, especially with a having a secure photo backup process. Creating images that truly capture you and your journey is my true passion. Behind each image is a story ready to be told and I’m here to capture it all during your senior photoshoot session. All the details throughout the process are well thought out and intentional to help you enjoy this ultimate experience. One of those details is my photo backup process. Let me explain why this is so important.

To begin with your senior portrait session, the camera I use has a dual card slot. This means your photos are being saved to two different places as we shoot to ensure security. Having to redo a session that you love is very hard to recreate. We can recreate poses but specific emotions and memories in time are quite hard to match in the case (knock on wood) a card would corrupt or the images were lost before delivery. A memory card corrupting basically means that the files cannot be retrieved and all files are lost, hence why I have a dual slot camera and have the photos save to both.

After your session, my photo backup process includes immediately uploading and backing up your images to three different hard drives in multiple places. Once your photos are hand selected by you at your reveal, retouched, and ready they will be delivered to you via online gallery. My commitment to you is to keep your photos saved in all my hard drives for some time after your session. The most common circumstance that is out of my control is forgetting to download your photos before the online gallery expires. I aim to always keep your images as long as possible but they would need to be dug up out of the archives if needed 5 years down the road.

I feel it’s important to address the reason behind this specific process…

Although re-shooting a session is definitely still an option, come to the session ready to create new, fresh images that capture a new moment in your journey. You shouldn’t have to stress about the potential loss of photos throughout your senior photo experience and I make sure you don’t need to.

Having your senior year documented through images is an experience that reflects a special time in your life. Every detail in the process is intended for you to enjoy to the full and treasure this time in your life for many years to come. You are unique and your senior session will radiate your and your beautiful memories. Let’s start creating these timeless images.

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