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If you didn’t know my name is Bea, short for Beatrix. I am based in St. Louis and ready to serve you!

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If you’re ready for a whole lot of fun, jump right into some of these posts to see what crazy, awesome things I’m up to with myself and clients!

Kara N. Prom Session

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As the 2020 school year comes to an end, some of my favorite shoots were the experiences the seniors “missed” and being able to make new memories from it. This session was straight out of a Disney princess movie if you ask me! Kara was stunning and her dress was incredible! It was so much […]

Destinie + Chris Couple Session

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My all time favorite things about couple sessions are the passion and love you can see in each photo. In every moment. Every photo is a memory of something going on during the shoot. I love using prompts to “pose” my clients rather than the typical poses you see in a lot of other photos. […]

Kaile K. Cap + Gown Session

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The class of 2020 didn’t get the typical senior experience. That made cap and gown sessions even more special! Kaile was amazing and she rocked her session! Senior sessions at your high school are the best! This made it 10x more special and sentimental. OMG I am just obsessed with all my beautiful 2020 seniors!

Hannah K. Branding

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At home lifestyle branding sessions spark my creativity! Nothing more intimate than showing off your behind the scenes. Hannah is a fitness instructor and chef. We covered all Hannahs in this shoot: morning, workout, business, and chef Hannah.

Lindsey + Mckenzie Sister Senior Session

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The best impromptu senior session I’ve ever had. When I saw Mckenzie post a photo in this field I knew we had to do a shoot there. This session was set up 24 hours prior to happening and everything fell perfectly into place. It’s not too late to schedule your senior session!

Haley + Kyle Couple Session

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This engagement session is just… I’m speechless. Haley and Kyle are meant to be and I can’t wait for them to live their lives together. There is something about their chemistry that is so apparent in these photos – you can’t deny their love for one another. While Haley was changing into her new outfit, […]

Would you date your photographer?

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Did you click on this because you were like, whaaaaaaaaaaa??? I got your attention didn’t I? 😉 In no way am I saying to actually date your photographer. Finding your photographer is like finding your perfect match, but not in a romantic way. But a relationship with your photographer should be similar to a romantic […]

Why I Don’t Sell Gift Cards

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Ok, here’s the tea people, I don’t sell gift cards because I’m not here to make a quick buck, I’m not here to take your money, and I’m certainly not here to give you a “please enter in your credit card information here” speech before you even can get in contact with me – that’s […]

Brands, Your Photographer Your is Best Friend.

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You heard me right! You need to pick a photographer. You need to sick with a photographer. And you need to let your photographer know you are their best friend and you’d crawl to the ends of the earth to support them and they will support you right back. Let’s just do the math really […]

Maddie F. Senior Session

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This is still one of my favorite senior sessions to date. This was taken almost a year ago. Being in quarantine and looking back on all my old photos makes me wish I was out shooting now. I love this location for all types of sessions. This flower field lasted two weeks and Maddie and […]