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If you didn’t know my name is Bea, short for Beatrix. I am based in St. Louis and ready to serve you!

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If you’re ready for a whole lot of fun, jump right into some of these posts to see what crazy, awesome things I’m up to with myself and clients!

How to Decide When to Have Your Session

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We all have the struggle on when is the right time to book a photo session. Do I want spring or fall or winter or summer? What time should it occur? All of those questions are finally be taken into consideration and i want to help you all! Here’s what to consider when deciding on […]

Lindsay H. Branding

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When I first received a message from Lindsay, I thought it was a scam. I had a request in my instagram DMs from a linds.hof and it was a long message. Now from past experiences, long messages meant some fake company trying to scam you or asking for you to advertise for them. That was […]

You Are Your Biggest Marketing Tool

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Have you ever wondered why you aren’t booking clients? Have you ever wondered what went wrong after everything went well but they left a negative review? Have you ever wondered how people get those raving reviews and you can’t get anything more than a thank you? Bea’s guide helped me in ways I didn’t even […]

How to Survive High School

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OH MY GOODNESS!! I HEAR YOU! Let me just say, high school isn’t easy. You and I both know it. Senior year of high school was far from my favorite year. Yup, you heard that right. I surprisingly didn’t enjoy it really at all and all I wanted to do was get the hell out of […]

How to Dress for Your Upcoming Shoot

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Girls, we all have those days we have *nothing* to wear and somehow our entire wardrobe ends up on the floor like a tornado hit just the closet. I get it. When it comes to anything where you go out in public nothing fits right or look right […]

Why I Wouldn’t Want You to Hire Me

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Yes, you read it right! This is why I wouldn’t want you to hire me as your photographer or videographer. Now before you say, “what the heck is she doing?!” or “why would she tell people not to hire her?!”, I want you to understand that I am not the photographer for everyone and for […]

How to Overcome the Coronavirus Panic and Be Productive

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Now if you haven’t been out and about to see the soup, soap, paper towel, and toilet paper aisles empty, here’s the tea. People all over the world are in a panic over the Coronavirus. The treat of having the whole world shut down is truly scary but we can’t just live in fear people […]

How I Set My Pricing

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First of all, if you were me, looking at the pricing for anything can make or break it. I know the “just looked at the price tag” face. We all have one of those like we all have an RBF face. Then right after, if there is a sales person involved, they try to sell […]

Grace F. Senior Session

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Let me tell you about Miss Grace. She is truly beautiful inside and out. She was such a bright personality. I was so excited to meet her. When she first arrived, she was a little nervous. I almost love that because I love helping seniors build their confidence. I love hyping you guys up and […]

Courtney + Ian Couple Session

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Ok ok, this love story is my favorite. First of all, Courtney and Ian are the cutest people ever. I didn’t know this until the end of the session but before that, they showed up to the shoot they weren’t on the best terms with each other. They told me that they were bickering all […]