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If you didn’t know my name is Bea, short for Beatrix. I am based in St. Louis and ready to serve you!

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If you’re ready for a whole lot of fun, jump right into some of these posts to see what crazy, awesome things I’m up to with myself and BLP Babes (my clients)!

Would you date your photographer?

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Did you click on this because you were like, whaaaaaaaaaaa??? I got your attention didn’t I? 😉 In no way am I saying to actually date your photographer. Finding your photographer is like finding your perfect match, but not in a romantic way. But a relationship with your photographer should be similar to a romantic […]

What to Do When You Get Your Photos

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Okkkayyy! So now you have all these gorgeous images of yourself and now what the heck are you supposed to do with them? I got you! I know we can be stuck just looking at the gallery when you first get them and then you set it and forget it. Next thing you know the […]

How to Decide When to Have Your Session

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We all have the struggle on when is the right time to book a photo session. Do I want spring or fall or winter or summer? What time should it occur? All of those questions are finally be taken into consideration and i want to help you all! Here’s what to consider when deciding on […]