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If you didn’t know my name is Bea, short for Beatrix. I am based in St. Louis and ready to serve you!

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If you’re ready for a whole lot of fun, jump right into some of these posts to see what crazy, awesome things I’m up to with myself + clients! I’m here for you and I’m ready so let’s make memories!

How I Set My Pricing – Full Transparency

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First of all, if you were me, looking at the pricing for anything can make or break it. I know the “just looked at the price tag” face. We all have one of those like we all have an RBF face. Then right after, if there is a sales person involved, they try to sell […]

5 Things You Need in Your Life as a Business Owner

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Ever wanted to know the secrets behind a successful business? Here are some helpful resources and there is a surprise at the end!