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When was the last time you got pampered and your hair and makeup professionally done? Even more, can you recall when you really enjoyed the experience of getting treated and glammed up to the full while feeling your best self, radiating confidence? Having a professional stylist get you ready for your senior photo shoot not only ensures that you’re getting a “treat-yourself-spa-day” but also allows you to not miss any of the small details during the process. This will help you feel the best in front of the camera.

Adrienne is my trusted hair and makeup artist! She always asks you questions on the look your wanting to achieve and execute it beautifully by simply enhancing your natural beauty.

Don’t forget about these 3 important details when deciding to have professional makeup & hair done for your senior photoshoot:

3 reasons to work with a professional hair and makeup artist for your senior photo shoot session:

  1. To begin, professional hair and makeup artists ensure you get the full preparation experience. My team of professionals are here to emphasize your natural beauty – from hair textures and skin types to makeup looks that you want to achieve- these artists are getting you glammed up while making you feel and look yourself for your photoshoot. 
  1. Second, getting professional help will determine how you will look in your photos. What you see in real life regarding colors, tones and textures can be different through a camera lens. Having an expert style you for your senior photoshoot will guarantee that all those small details will be considered and executed for you in a way that aligns with your vibe. Looking up hair and makeup looks beforehand on sites like Pinterest and discussing with me during your planning session will help determine what you like and what best suits you for the photos and change anything accordingly.
  1. Third, the last thing you need is more stress the day of your senior photoshoot. Having a professional take care of you will help you to fully enjoy the experience. Even your mom will appreciate it. During your hair and makeup prep at my studio, we both will go over specifics regarding your clothing (like what order you want to wear your outfits in), the locations we will shoot at first (we want to take full advantage of the golden hour light) and overall how I can best help you to feel comfortable for your senior photoshoot. 

More than anything, the images I take will reflect you and your senior year. This ultimate experience is meant to be the most unique and catered to your special style. When including a professional hair and makeup artist for your senior photo shoot session, it will help to create the best professional images of yourself while making your session seamless and one to remember. 

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