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I really hate to pick favorites when it comes to what you can do with your photos, but almost are definitely up there!

Delivery day’s are filled with so much joy and excitement. Seeing your face as you flip through your albums for the first time is an experience like no other. You are able to relive the moments and feelings from your senior session

What is the difference between ordering one of your albums vs ordering from Shutterfly or other local print labs?

QUALITY. Quality is the #1 thing that stands between albums you order from me vs on your own. While other options are great for everyday photo books and momentos, your senior albums should be built to last a lifetime and then some. My albums might look similar on the surface, but these albums are hand assembled and built to withstand generations of wear and tear. The thick photographic pages are made to endure every happy tear cried as you and your loved ones flip through.

Hot tip: check Aunt Sandy’s purse when she leaves your house to make sure she hasn’t tried to sneak out with your album (true story from a past senior)

The binding is built securely so your album won’t fall apart after one year of use. Not only is it more durable than most photo books but the printing matches the color of the actual images, it’s true to color!

Every album is customized for you! The album spreads are designed by me, approved by you (and changes can be made as needed). You pick the cover, cover fabric, and photos held within the book.

Fun fact: A 10 x 10 heirloom quality album is included in my legacy package!

Want more details on the senior photo experience? Click here!

If you’ve already had your session and are drooling at these albums, contact me! Or in need of a second? Email me!



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