What to Do For Senior Photos If You’re “Not Photogenic”

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The Problem With Being Photogenic

“What if I’m not photogenic?” That’s a question I get asked a ton on new inquiries! Let me start by saying, you are beautiful the way you are. Just hearing that once isn’t going to miraculously make you feel super-confident in photos, but it’s true! Every time I hear someone say that, I feel it deep in my heart. My whole mission as a senior photographer is to help you find your inner confidence that will shine through in your photos. Being photogenic isn’t a trait, it’s a mindset. We all get caught up in the hamster wheel of comparison from time to time, but your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful! Let’s talk about how to fix this feeling…

how to feel more confident when taking photos

How to Fix It

First off, don’t expect too much from yourself right away. The feeling of not being photogenic doesn’t disappear overnight. But there are things you can do to feel better in front of the camera! Social media makes us want to compare ourselves to other people, but the first step to feeling confident in your own skin is to acknowledge that everyone is so different! Don’t view other girls as “competition.” Celebrate your own beauty and others’ beauty without comparing the differences between you. You wouldn’t compare M&Ms to Skittles—you just know they’re both great! My next tip is to invest in a good senior photo experience, because having photos of yourself that you actually love WILL do amazing things for your self-confidence.

Why Choose the BeatrixLin Experience?

There are a lot of different senior photo experiences out there to choose from. The experience I provide is designed to help you find your confidence in front of the camera so you absolutely love how your photos turn out. When I took my senior photos, I did not have a good self-image. I was nervous in front of the camera and didn’t feel comfortable having my photos taken. That led to me hating the way I looked in my senior photos. I don’t want anyone else to have to go through that experience! Your photos should empower you and help you feel beautiful just the way you are.

So here’s what I do to help you boost your confidence:

  • I build relationships with my clients.

I always get to know my clients and their parents before taking their photos. With other photography experiences, you show up the day of your shoot, take photos, and leave. I invest time in each of my clients to help them have the best outcome possible. This includes meeting together a few times before your session and coming up with personalized ideas for locations and outfits so your shoot fits you perfectly!

  • I help you become more comfortable!

I also focus heavily on making sure my clients have a good mindset going into their session. If you have any questions or concerns, I’m here to help! I want to make you feel as comfortable as possible, so I share personal insights and always keep it real and honest. Your real smile is the most beautiful thing I could photograph, and I love helping you let loose and show off your real self!

  • Senior photos should be an excursion, an experience.

I encourage my clients to make the day of their senior session into an excursion of sorts. You’re already getting your hair and makeup done, getting pampered, and getting dressed up! It’s so fun to go out to dinner with your parents afterward or have something fun planned. Your senior year is such a busy time and it’s good to prioritize fun outings with your parents that aren’t filling out FAFSA!

A Great Experience = The Best Results

Because of all of the time and planning that goes into the BeatrixLin Experience, you will get the best results you can hope for! I guarantee you will feel great in front of the camera after taking the time to build up your confidence and plan an entire day around capturing such a special moment in your life. You will have photos of yourself that you absolutely love, which leads to even more confidence! Your photos will also turn into your legacy. They will be something you get to share with your kids and grandkids someday, so it is truly worth investing in. 

Don’t Just Take It From Me…

Here are some of the comments my past clients have made about how they felt:

“Thank you so much for providing pictures of myself that I genuinely love; I’ve been nonstop bragging to my family about them. This was truly a one in a million experience, I now realize I’m actually kind of photogenic. I just wanted to say thanks so much again and that you’re an amazing photographer and person!”

“Bea those are absolutely the COOLEST pictures I have of myself. I felt confident while I was shooting (thanks to you) but now that I’ve seen them I feel unstoppable. They totally capture my vibe. You did such a good job with every element of this shoot. To say I’m obsessed is an understatement.”

Ready to love your senior photos? Inquire with me today!

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