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Class of 2022

Josie’s Senior Pictures

Josie’s senior pictures were a country dream! When I met Josie, I could tell that she was such a fun and bubbly person. We got to work planning and strategizing for Josie’s session so that it would reflect the things she loves and her energetic personality. About a month and a half before her session, we solidified the locations and outfits that would match the mood she was going for. The session ended up being just as the sun was setting in some beautiful outdoor locations. Her outfits created a country vibe and one of the photos actually reminded us of a Carrie Underwood album cover! Josie also wanted to include her Jeep in her session, so I snapped a few photos of her in the driver’s seat and on the hood of her Jeep.

Senior Picture Ideas

Not only did Josie love her photos, but she also gained a lot of confidence being on my model team. She mentioned that she just had fun during her shoot and it didn’t feel nerve-wracking! To have a successful senior session, it takes planning and collaboration. I love helping my models to be confident in front of the camera and plan a session that incorporates the things they love. 

Planning Your Senior Pictures

Are you a 2022 St Louis area senior who wants their senior photos to be more than just a few headshots in a studio? The BeatrixLin experience elevates senior photos and helps you to find your confidence. I help my models create a custom mood board during a planning session and provide advice on outfits and locations. The photo session is always fun, not stressful. And the end results speak for themselves!

Stl Senior Photographer

I’m Bea by the way! I help St Louis area seniors to feel confident and take senior photos that they LOVE. Ready to start planning your session? Read more about my senior photo experience here or inquire with me today to get started!




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