Team 2023 | Pumpkin Patch Senior Model Team Shoot

Class of 2023, Model Team

No way it’s already October… somebody pinch me!

I don’t like to pick favorites (because to be honest, all my model team shoots are my favorites) but there is something about our October shoot each year that just feels like fall.

This is my second year running my senior model team this way (12 shoots, 1 each month) and I love everything about it. The girls collaborate with what themes they want throughout the year and I think the pumpkins will be a non-negotiable theme from here on out.

Scroll through the photos and you’ll see just how cool these photos are!

Does this look like fun? Applications for Team 24 (Senior Model Team, class of 2024) and Team 25 (Jr Model Team, class of 2025) are open on the 18th of this month!



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