Which Photography Approach is Right for You?

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Being posed, being prompted, and not being guided at all are different approaches photographers take.

I’ve seen all three types.

Being posed is my least favorite. This is the high school profile photographer that keeps telling you to lean your head to the left until you’re basically falling out of your chair (lol). That’s more of an extreme example but you get the jist. You have really no idea what you look like and trusting THEY know your best angles even though you’ve only known them for a little while. Usually it feels stiff to me.

Not being guided at all is also not something I enjoy. It all comes down to personal preference but this is where you feel like the “what do i do with my hands?!” and they said do what you feel is best… isn’t that what I hired you for??

Being prompted is my favorite. It is the balance of being posed but on looser terms, it’s a prompt. One of my favorite prompts I do with my seniors is a “runway walk” when I show you how I would do it then you copy with your own flow. 

But here’s where we get a bit spicy, I actually watch your posture, your hair, and make sure they all look polished✨🤌🏼

The duality of embracing the imperfect while still looking flattering does exist…

And that’s what i’m here for!!

Sound like the vibe??

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